Focus on small areas - high end products


           Since its establishment, Hengmao Wisdom (Shenzhen) Cultural and Creative Technology Co., is the first high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production and sales of lamps and LED Niche customization. The company has strong technical force, advanced technology and equipment. Its headquarters and R & D base are set up in prosperous and beautiful Shenzhen. The company has superior geographical position and convenient transportation.

        Since its establishment, Hengmao wisdom wenchuang has pushed the installation of lamps and Niche customization. It always adheres to the unique innovative business philosophy and values, focusing on product innovation and development. Adhering to the core of "Hengmao takes the heart of craftsmen and explores the beauty of craftsmen in the world", creates "Arts and crafts" as the vision, and strives for the top innovative products in the industry.

            In terms of technology research and development, we have a highly efficient and professional design and development team, focusing on scientific and technological innovation as the driving force for development, technology specialization and high-end customization as the guidance. With the quality of professional products, the quality of high-quality products, and the technology of excellence, we constantly improve LED lighting products, and constantly promote the technological innovation and progress in the field of LED lighting!

          To develop products with higher industry standards, strictly control the quality of raw materials and parts, all products are formulated according to the high standards at home and abroad and the high standards and specifications formulated by Hengmao wisdom wenchuang enterprises, so as to ensure that each product delivery pass rate is 100%. A number of R & D and international certification system have been obtained.

          Adhere to the creation of unique "Arts and crafts" as the guide, and with rapid response and process innovation technology and the whole service policy, strive to provide the best quality products and the most complete service for domestic and foreign business partners.

Company vision:

智能引领未来,创新铸就辉煌 Intelligence leads the future, innovation casts glory Break  the tradition, creates new thinking, creates high-end, intelligent, unified and systematic lighting fixtures and strives to become the most influential top service provider in the industry

Business philosophy:
    persevere ,be  thrivingwhile constantly innovating and optimizing, the company implements internal partnership, external partnership and other cooperative ways to connect enterprise development with employees, further create subsidiaries, develop more innovative products and make the brand ecological and systematic.

Company mission:

 “恒茂以匠人之心,琢天下工匠之美 Hengmao strives for the beauty of craftsmen in the world with the heart of craftsmenHengmao Wisdom (Shenzhen) Cultural and Creative Technology Co., adheres to the vision of "creating handicrafts with innovation, dedication, endeavor and hard work" with its unique innovative business philosophy, values and services to meet the professional customization needs of customers and pursue the long-term mission of "Work makes me happy and refresh China's innovation".