HM - 恒星灯

fixed star

Hm-211 is a wall luminescent lamp.

The lamp can choose symmetrical or asymmetric light distribution, which opens up many design options. In the lighting architecture, symmetrical light distribution lamps are used to illuminate the wall.

At the same time, asymmetry can be used as the reflecting surface. According to the direction of light beam, lamps with asymmetric light distribution mainly illuminate the surface close to the building surface, such as ceiling, arch, canopy, cantilever plate or ground.

Lamps with flush glass to better control the accumulation of dirt and water are the specifications of these lamps, which is the details of durable building lamps, proving the highest standard of convincing lighting and structural quality.

In order to meet different needs, we provide mounting parts and expansion screws for wall fixation.

The shell is made of 6063 high-quality aluminum alloy with a thickness of more than 4mm by die casting or extrusion.

The surface spraying process is electrostatic powder spraying, and imported materials are baked and adsorbed at high temperature, which can meet the test of outdoor harsh environment for more than 10 years.

The structural waterproof process uses the upper and lower parts to fasten closely with the shell, and can reach the outdoor waterproof level of IP65 with stainless steel screws. The product structure is composed of mounting parts and lamp body respectively. The mounting parts are pre fixed at the installation position, and the lamps can be fixed without screw hanging buckle.

Product parameters

model: HM-211

power supply:24/220v



texture of material:aluminium


Waterproof grade:IP65 恒茂镌刻光明 细节彰显品质