Congratulations on Hengmao Lighting's appearance patent authorization! !

Hengmao Lighting Co., Ltd

Congratulations on Hengmao Lighting's appearance patent authorization! ! 

      In the past few years, Hengmao has been keeping pace with the times, pioneering and enterprising, winning by quality,persisting in innovation, and adhering to the development philosophy of "taking the heart of craftsmen and cutting the beauty of craftsmen in the world". Continuously improve LED lighting products, and constantly promote technological innovation and progress in the field of LED lighting!

     Recently, Hengmao was once again recognized by the Patent Office through unremitting efforts of independent research and development, and obtained nine appearance patents, which is an affirmation of our company's independent research and development field. At the same time, the acquisition of patents has further enhanced the core competitiveness of enterprises, improved the market competitiveness of products, and provided strong innovation support for our development. At the same time, according to the market situation and the needs of users, we will fundamentally discuss the level and structure of products, materials and new processes, so as to develop unique products based on them.


    This time, both the product itself and the design of the product integrate the essence of Eastern and Western aesthetics, with

"customization,  high-end and innovation" as the core of the three key sections, and at the same time, it reflects the gradual calm

and self-confidence of China's development. Xi Jinping said, "Science and technology is the foundation of a country's prosperity,

and innovation is the soul of national progress." "In a sense, the strength of science and technology determines the changes in the

balance of world economic power, and also determines the future and destiny of all countries and nationalities.". In Xi Jinping's view,

China's innovation is not only a strategic need, but also an important part of the "great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation". We also

keep up with the pace of our country and build a world-class "design system" with an international vision.

    Insist on innovation and lead development. We constantly explore new development directions, create new market demandsand open up new space for product reform. Our company will continue to carry out product innovation and deepen product reform on the basis of existing appearance patents. Strive for the best quality products and perfect service!